MU 2000
- Provides a comprehensive window and door system suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
- A variety of frames can be produced including the Tilt and Turn facility, the Outward Opening, Fixed Frames or combinations of the above
- Design concept based on the use of a central sealing gasket which divides structure into an external and an internal part thus achieving perfect air and water tight seal as well as considerable noise/sound reduction
- All gaskets incorporated into the systems, comply with the highest European specifications, and are marked with MUSKITA’s logotype
- A wide selection of frame profiles and glazing beads provide glazing possibilities from 4mm single glass to 35mm bulletproof panes. 
- Combinations of the various profiles provide unlimited design alternatives and aesthetically sound solutions.

Any of our standard 80 colours (ex stock) or customized to your personal preferences, directly from our own in house production lines assures short lead times, and warrantees quality in:
Anodizing to Qualanod®
Powder Coating to Qualicoat®
Wood effect to Qualideco®
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