Choosing thermal aluminium systems: What to consider.

Choosing the right aluminium doors and aluminium windows has a direct effect on your home's energy efficiency.

The changing environment, wide variances in temperatures and the high energy costs of cooling and heating buildings, necessitate the use of technologically advanced energy efficient aluminum systems.

A thermal aluminium system prevents energy (heat or cold) from being transmitted from the outside to the inside of your home or vice versa. In energy efficient thermal aluminium systems, the outer aluminum profile is separated from the inner profile by polyamides which act as a thermal break, leading to excellent energy savings for both heating and cooling.

However, in order to achieve maximum thermal insulation, it is also vital to choose energy-efficient glass panes. Glazing takes up the largest surface area of the frame and must be chosen carefully. MUSKITA’s aluminum systems cover all possible frame configurations, including triple glazing, ensuring excellent energy efficiency, sound reduction and safety.

When you combine thermally enhanced aluminium systems with thermally efficient glazing, then the total thermal transmittance of a window could be improved by as much as 50%, ensuring your home will stay warm and cozy, even on the coldest of days.

On the other hand, using non-insulated aluminium systems, consumes up to 40% more energy for heating and cooling. By choosing thermally insulated aluminum systems you can avoid wasting energy and therefore save money.

Minthis Hills and Lithos Villas perfectly combine luxury with energy efficiency using MUSKITA’s thermal aluminium systems.

The Minthis Hills villas are designed to merge beautifully with into their surroundings. Minthis Hills is a complex of homes and leisure facilities that have been awarded the International Property Awards Five-Star for Leisure Development for three consecutive years. With openness, light and air being key in the architectural design, this development has embraced floor to ceiling windows in order to achieve this effect. MUSKITA’s systems MU3000 Plus Thermal and MU144.91 Lift & Slide Ultratherm have been used for these luxurious villas.


Lithos Villas are located in the quiet village of Peyia in Paphos. The architecture of the holiday villas successfully combine the earthy, rustic elegance of wood and stone features with contemporary luxury, while maintaining fluidity between interior and exterior spaces, with nature penetrating every part of the buildings. High quality, thermally insulated systems MU114 Lift & Slide, MU2075 and THÉA Minimal Aluminium Frames have been used in the modern, open plan villas.

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October 12, 2020