Finishes/ Colours
Muskita has been anodizing aluminium since 1965!
Projects from 1965 can still be found today maintaining their original finish, completely untouched by time – a testament to the anodizing quality and experience we offer.
We maintain and operate one of the most advanced anodizing plants worldwide, utilising state of the art robotic technology. Our products are available in a wide range of 18 anodized finishes, enabling you to create a unique style with a touch of luxury.
Qualanod certifies our products since 1996, meaning they meet and exceed demanding weathering requirements for long-lasting style for decades to come.

Powder Coating
With three horizontal and one state of the art vertical plant, Muskita is one of the biggest independent powder coaters in Europe.

In our continuous effort for improvement we always focus on pursuing top quality by setting the highest standards and constantly monitoring movements in the industry to provide you with the latest colour trends and styles.
We provide high quality durable products available in a wide rage of 32 powder coating finishes, catering to your individual style of choice, be it contemporary or traditional. We also offer any RAL or special customised colour upon request in semi-gloss, semi-matt or matt finishes, as well as our standard RAL colours in record lead times.

Our quality is assured and certified by Qualicoat since 1985.
Wood finishes
Aluminium in wood finish is indistinguishable from real wood, maintaining the warmth of wood with the benefits of aluminium in a trouble and maintenance free manner. Our quality is assured by Qualideco and all our finishes are produced with superdurable (Class 2) powders and films.