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 MUSKITA Aluminium Industries, as Gold Sponsor of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO,  is proud to announce the launch of the Going Green Project!
Going Green by MUSKITA is an integrated environmental management plan that aims to design and implement best practices for environmental protection and sustainable development for mass participation events in Cyprus.
Impact Report and Sustainability Guide
The emphasis of Going Green by MUSKITA will be on raising awareness and educating the public on how to decrease their carbon footprint while participating in the Limassol Marathon.
Furthermore, we will track the environmental impact and progress of the 2018 event through our Impact Report that will take place under the research and guidance of the Cyprus University of Technology. The data from the 2018 Impact Report will set the green goals for 2019.

Our objective is to produce an environmental management model over the next three years, on how to best organize and operate more sustainable mass participation events in Cyprus. The report aims to give specific guidelines, taking into consideration the local environmental and social factors.
Why are we Going Green?
At MUSKITA we are driven to create better performing products, lower our environmental impact and inspire our customers. Aluminium, our core product, is in itself a “Green Metal”. It can be recycled almost infinitely and its strength and corrosion resistance make it extremely economical and sustainable as a building material. These facts, together with our company’s numerous green initiatives make the Going Green Project an amazing opportunity to further make a difference in the environment and our community.
This year the OPAP Limassol Marathon is expected to have more than 15,000 runners. It is our duty to respect and protect the environment and as the event grows larger every year it becomes even more of a challenge.  We are excited to have found the perfect partners to help us implement this project and increase awareness and action when it comes to protecting the environment.
Going Green 2018 Actions
  • Setting up 15 recycling points at all 15 water-stations to collect the 40,000 plastic bottles that will be consumed during the event
  • Use of electric cars in the race courses on race day
  • Training volunteers on issues of recycling and sustainability
  • Using a paper-free registration process
  • Using in-service buses on race days and avoiding car use
  • Setting up recycling points for clothes and footwear
  • Launching an awareness campaign for runners to run in an eco-friendly event
Going Green by MUSKITA is aligned with the CIVITAS 2020 Destination program and is recognized and supported by the Limassol Municipality, Environmental Office of the Republic of Cyprus, the Limassol Tourism Board, GreenDot Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology.