Ultimate thermal system for versatility functionality & very large openings

MU144.79 Slide Ultratherm

MU144.79 is the ultimate Sliding system designed for versatility and functionality, offering multiple design configurations and outstanding performance ratings. Its multitude of innovations and groundbreaking design make it ideal for constructing large as well as regular windows and openings, offering solutions for pioneering constructions.

In addition, the system is available with Slim 50 mm or Ultra Slim 33.5 mm vertical post profiles for minimalistic applications.


Technical Features & Solutions 

  • The highest energy efficiency ratings achieved with 34 mm wide polyamides, special insulating materials within the profile and specially designed concealed plastic inserts. 
  • Excellent sound reduction properties and top performances in water tightness and air permeability.
  • Smooth sliding, easy cleaning and maintenance achieved with low, open, level driver.
  • High security achieved with multiple locking points and high security customized hardware.
  • Elegant solution for remote-controlled sliding configurations.
  • Glazing up to 43 mm for maximum thermal insulation and sound reduction.

MU144.79 achieves excellent water drainage and water tightness even in extreme weather conditions due to: 

  • The special barrier and drainage fittings located under the vertical post profiles. 
  • The specially designed three-part track which has become the market standard for water drainage systems. The lower track consists of three different profiles, which due to their special design and drainage cavities enable easy drainage of water to the outside of the structure. 
  • Specially processed profiles utilize the width of the structure to achieve greater water flow to the outer chamber of the track and to the outside of the frame.


Vast design capabilities with solutions for every possible configuration: 

  • Choice of single, double, triple or quadruple roller guides provide the design flexibility to create large openings and to construct multiple sashes in a row. 
  • Construct corner frames without vertical posts, for unobstructed access and view. 
  • Integrate into wall and/or floor for slim-look applications. 
  • Specially designed track to accommodate fly screens provides seamless screen placement while utilizing less space. 
  • Ability to combine fixed and sliding sashes. 
Technical Characteristics
Rail Width
144 mm
Rail Height
41 & 50.5 mm
Sash Width
60 mm
Sash Height
79 mm
Interlock Section Width
33.5, 50 & 94 mm
Maximum Sash Weight
200 kg
Glass Options
Up to 43 mm
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance – Uw [W/(m2K)]
≥ 1.0
Sound Reduction
46 dB
Air Permeability
Class 3
Water Tightness
Class 4A
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C3
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Double Track
double track
Triple Track
triple track
Quadruple Track
quadruple track
Corner Track
corner track
Cross Sections