Slim thermal folding system with top-hung typology

MU2600 Slim Thermal

MU2600 Slim Thermal is a hinged folding aluminium system available in linear design.  The system is ideal for unifying spaces and is used regularly for large openings in residences and commercial buildings as well as exhibition and public spaces. 

Technical Features & Solutions 

  • The system offers multiple design solutions and covers all possible frame configurations such as single or even sash numbers, with or without doors and opening inward or outward. System MU2600 Slim Thermal is constructed to open fully for maximum utilization of views, merging the inside and outside. 
  • High security is achieved with multiple locking points and high-tech precision accessories. A variety of high quality handles, embedded handles and mechanism are available from MUSKITA, Giesse Italy and G-U Germany. 
  • Smooth rolling of sashes is achieved with a ceiling sliding mechanism (top-hung typology) and the rollers that can withstand a maximum weight of up to 100 kg per sash.
  • Excellent air and water tightness are ensured by specialized sealing EPDM gaskets and the system’s accessories. 
  • High thermal efficiency achieved with 20 mm wide polyamides that thermally break the profiles, contributing to excellent energy savings. 
Technical Characteristics
Rail Width
60 mm
Rail Height
40, 65 & 90 mm
Sash Width
60 mm
Sash Height
43.5 mm
Maximum Sash Weigh
100 kg
Glass Options
Up to 44 mm
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance Uw [W/(m2K)]
≥ 1.4
Sound Reduction
Up to 37 dB
Air Permeability
Class 2
Water Tightness
Class 8A
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C3
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
powder coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Six Sashes
6 sashes
Five + Three Sashes
5+3 sashes
Six + Four Sashes
6+4 sashes
Five + Five Sashes
5+5 sashes