MU3200 Light Duty
MU3200 Light Duty is ideal for use in windows or doors of small dimensions.

The design concept of this series is based on previous designs of the MU3000-SL and MU100, combining the advantages of these two series. Among the key characteristics of the system is its streamline design concept, ease of assembly and perfect air and watertight seal. Furthermore, a wide selection of European quality accessories are available. Glazing possibilities vary from 4 mm single glass up to 20 mm double glazing using MU3202 and up to 22 mm double glazing using MU3222.

Finishing Options
Any of our standard 80 colours (ex stock) or customised to your personal preferences directly from our own in-house production lines, which assures short lead times and warrantees quality in:
  • Anodizing to Qualanod®
  • Powder Coating to Qualicoat®
  • Wood effect to Qualideco®
The following values are indicative and can vary depending on the location, orientation and elevation of your project. Contact our technical department for more specialised assistance.

Technical Characteristics
Rail Width 85 - 128 mm
Sash Width 32 - 34 mm
Glass Options 20 - 22 mm
Maximum Sash Weight 120 kg

Performance & Classification
Air Permeability 3                    
Water Tightness 4B
Resistance to Wind Load B2

Windows and doors can be designed with horizontal sliders. The sliding series provides space saving, a wide range of products to choose from with a multitude of colours and finishes, different interior and exterior colours and compatibility with any type of glass (single, double, etc.).
Each system features a variety of safety and security options. Outstanding weather resistance can be achieved with a high performance thermal break that improves energy efficiency and savings.
Click here for the Sliding Consolidated table, or here for the all series Consolidated table.
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