MU4200 Semi Structural Thermal
The systems offer simple, safe and sound solutions for the most demanding design concepts of modern architecture. Their main characteristics are the ease and speed of installation and the choice of top hung or projected openings at any part of the entire screen. Both systems are thermally insulated and “severe weather rated” by full size dynamic tests by CWCT. The MU4200 Semi Structural comes with a 12 mm visible aluminium frame, which provides mechanical support for added security on normal double glazed units thus substantially reducing costs.

Finishing Options
Any of our standard 80 colours (ex stock) or customised to your personal preferences directly from our own in-house production lines, which assures short lead times and warrantees quality in:
  • Anodizing to Qualanod®
  • Powder Coating to Qualicoat®
  • Wood effect to Qualideco®
The following values are indicative and can vary depending on the location, orientation and elevation of your project. Contact our technical department for more specialised assistance.

Technical Characteristics
Mullion Width                        70 mm
Mullion Depth 122 - 150 mm 
Glass Options 33 mm                                      

Performance & Classification
Thermal Insulation                                  Us 1.6 with a Ug 1.1
(screen 6 x 6.5 m)                                      
Sound Reduction 44 dB
Air Permeability 600 Pa                  
Water Tightness 600 Pa
Resistance to Wind Load 2400 Pa

Curtain Wall systems developed to create impressive yet practical façades, provide designers and architects with the flexibility to create innovative and versatile solutions.Designed for the largest diversity of structures possible, from new or refurbished buildings, to low or high rise commercial constructions and even domestic houses. Curtain Walls also integrate fully with other MUSKITA door and window systems.

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