Enhance your home with slim aluminium windows

Windows are a vital part of both your home's exterior and interior design. 

Matching your window positioning and type to the architectural style of the building can help deliver a sense of balance and design consistency to your home. While different types of aluminium systems do play different roles in a building, from an aesthetic viewpoint the optimal choice is largely a subjective decision on your part. The most important goals of high-quality window and door systems are to keep your home secure, well insulated, fill your rooms with natural light and create unobstructed views.

Elegant slim aluminium windows and aluminum doors are designed to create a stylish, modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Slimline aluminium systems create an open feel and a connection with the natural environment by reducing visible aluminium, achieving a minimalistic look. Carefully positioned thermally insulated slim openings also have the practical advantage of reducing the need for electricity, something which benefits your wallet and the environment. Windows are a natural central point in any room, so try to frame your view with large glass panes and fewer mullions to creates an open, relaxing atmosphere for your home.

MUSKITA aluminium offers a wide range of slim and minimal aluminum systems including sliding doors, hinged or bifold doors and windows, each with many features to meet your highest expectations.

Our newest thermally insulated system MU2020 Concealed Sash is specially designed to maximize the building’s natural light with its slimline uniform appearance. The system’s concealed sashes make it ideal for creating slim, large openings that appear fixed from the outside to enhance both the interior and exterior appearance of your home. 


Find out more: https://muskita.com.cy/product/mu2020-concealed-sash


Sep 07, 2020