Introducing MU2020 Concealed Sash

MUSKITA innovates once again and presents its newest thermally insulated hinged system MU2020 Concealed Sash. MU2020 Concealed Sash is characterized by its excellent performance ratings in energy efficiency, sound insulation and safety. The system is designed to maximize the building’s natural light while reducing visible aluminium, achieving a minimalist aesthetic that makes it ideal for elegant, slim large openings.

MU2020 combines excellent air and water tightness, thermal performance, increased acoustic insulation and mechanical strength. The system gives buildings a beautiful uniform appearance through the combination of opening and fixed sashes, while covering all possible frame configurations from standard to Tilt & Turn options, fixed frames, as well as fanlights. The system’s concealed sash mechanisms and hidden handles make it ideal for creating slim, large openings that appear fixed from the outside. The effect is a beautiful uniform look, creating a stylish building exterior which eliminates the appearance of bulky hardware.


System Advantages

  • Modern and slim design
  • Increased security
  • High levels of sound insulation
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High quality system with increased mechanical strength
  • Multiple frame configurations
  • Uniform appearance with hidden sashes
  • Suitable for zero energy buildings


Available for orders in September 2020. Stay tuned.


July 21, 2020