Limassol Marathon 2019

This OPAP Limassol Marathon we’re running to raise money for the Sophia Foundation for Children! Sophia for Children is a non-profit NGO which works on a voluntary basis, aiming to fight poverty and its repercussions, concentrating on the most vulnerable of all social groups - children. The main areas of focus in Kenya are education, safety and care as well as medical aid. In Cyprus through the program “I cook and I offer” the Foundation provides lunch every day to children of 16 all-day primary and nursery schools.

Donate today or join us at the MUSKITA Charity Booth on the 23.03.19 – 24.03.19 at the Limassol Marathon and support the Sophia Foundation! All proceeds will go to help this wonderful cause make a difference in children’s lives! 

March 15, 2019