MUSKITA replants Cyprus giving colour and life back to scorched earth

Protecting the environment and the reforestation of scorched earth after the tragic fires in July is the duty of us all. As part of this commitment, MUSKITA actively contributed to replanting these areas, together with the Community Council, Hunting Association and Cultural Club of Eptagonia. The tree planting took place on Sunday October 24th in the village of Eptagonia, one of the areas affected by the devastating fires.

MUSKITA donated 1300 saplings for replanting, participating with over one hundred employees, accompanied by their children. The initiative covered an area of ​​22 thousand square meters, giving colour and life back to the earth.

Trees are one of nature's greatest resources. Their value is so important it determines the healthy functioning of our planet and the existence of life on it. However, humans do not always respect or maintain this balance. For this reason, actions such as tree planting are important environmental movements that repair the relationship between man and nature and help the planet heal.

All citizens can embrace initiatives such as this that give hope to our home. Many thanks to all the volunteers for their actions and contribution to help make Cyprus green again.