New Superdurable Class 2 Powder Coating collection

Introducing our new Superdurable Class 2 Powder Coating collection. Composed of a range of specialty MU finishes created exclusively for MUSKITA together with standard RAL colours, the collection consists of a comprehensive palette of high quality soothing sophisticated shades, classic hues and earthy tones with smooth or sanded matt textures, offering a wide range of options for every style and need.

Our powder coating finishes are made with Superdurable Class 2 polymer technology.

This ensures they meet and exceed the strictest industry requirements and standards of QUALICOAT Class 2 Superdurable powders, achieving durability three times that of Class 1 finishes. Their superior quality together with their excellent durability and resistance against weathering agents makes powder coating finishes ideal for projects with high performance requirements.

MUSKITA is one of the largest independent powder coaters in Europe, operating state-of-the-art robotic powder coating plants. Our vertically integrated production facilities combined with our in-house powder coating process give us complete control over product quality, from raw materials to finished products for outstanding results.

November 20, 2019