With 60 years of experience, MUSKITA Aluminium Industries Ltd is one of the most technologically advanced industries worldwide, specialising in the design, extrusion, anodization, electrostatic painting and commercialisation of aluminium products. Our highly skilled personnel, successful strategic planning, development programmes, investments and state of the art infrastructure have allowed MUSKITA to become one of the dominant companies in its field and the largest and most progressive factory of its kind in Cyprus. 

MUSKITA’s products are not limited to architectural systems. They consist of a massive breadth of internationally renowned and distributed extrusion profiles and interacting stock components with flexible design options. Our products are utilised by aluminium professionals worldwide in multiple sectors, such as the construction, aviation, automotive, transportation, electronic and agricultural industries, which is a testament to the leading-edge technology, engineering and quality which have been paramount to MUSKITA’s success. 

Quality, flexibility and innovation are at the heart of MUSKITA. Our vertical integration, experience and knowledge guarantee the superior quality and service of our products and the flexibility to meet all design concepts, from standard projects to customised solutions. Quality means MUSKITA’s systems meet and exceed the strictest European and international standards of design, safety and energy efficiency, having been tested and certified by independent, credible and recognised institutions. Having been honoured with numerous European business and excellence awards, energy saving awards and the 1st Cyprus Innovation Award, we are committed to excellence and innovation, and with a successful history of decades in the industry, we are compelled to set even higher goals for the future.
Our technical support team is available to cater to your individual design requirements or to your technical needs, offering expert advice, shop drawings and more. Visit our showrooms all over Cyprus and take a closer look at our products where our customer service department staff will provide you with all the information you need. By using our aluminium systems you always have access to your closest MUSKITA service unit even after sale. Our vertical integration, experience and professionalism guarantee the superior quality, service and flexibility to meet all your design concepts, from the most complex of structures to the beauty of functional simplicity.