MUSKITA ALU FENCE® is a high quality product, very fast and easy to install, suitable for safe fixing onto concrete walls or directly onto the ground or your lawn!
Posts come ready to install complete with concrete brackets or ground screws (Fence height 620-1800mm).
Planks offered are factory pre-cut to 4500 and 6500mm lengths in 4 standard colours ex-stock (or any other colour by order).

AluFence is ideal for:
  • Dividing fences
  • Pool fences
  • Privacy screens
  • Garden dividers
  • Roof equipment hiding screens
  • Ventilation walls
  • High aesthetics
  • Security (no ladder effect)
  • High strength
  • Durability
  • Sound absorption
  • No fire hazard
  • No maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Environmentally friendly
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