MU800 SG
Strength, Aesthetics & Trouble Free Performance
MU800 SG:
  • Offers wide range of design solutions while maintaining flush, external, 21 mm sightline
  • Same versatility as MU 800, in a Structural form. Offers solutions with maximum versatility, innovative and unique architectural designs with a proven structurally sound record in the most demanding environments
  • Glazing units are retained securely into position, on all 4 sides, with specialised toggle plates which slot into the glass channels
  • Can be zone drained with specialised draining profiles, offering further design flexibility especially for high-rise applications
  • Wide selection of mullions/ transom combinations offers flexibility in design and structural integrity
System Advantages
  • The system is “severe weather rated” and one of the few which underwent  Dynamic Testing to all the latest BS, EN and CWCT standards. ​It has been widely used throughout buildings in Ireland and the UK.  
  • Specially designed aluminium plates offer mechanical support on both glass panes of the double glazing unit, thus fully supporting the glass weight
  • The system can accommodate fully mechanically supported glass panes by specially designed stainless steel inserts, which offer mechanical grip directly onto the external glass pane, offering the ideal solution for large, normal and especially inclined panes
  • No excess silicone visible outside the mullion width (55 mm) when viewed from inside
  • Use of special toggle channel embedded in pieces, rather than as a frame between the glass, allows for the use of much more cost effective structural silicone, dramatically reducing costs
  • Use of the isotherm foam offers increased thermal performance, substantial savings on the external silicone application and makes replacement of glass panes much easier
  • Our technical support team offers shop drawings for large projects, detailed static, acoustic, and thermal calculations, installation guidelines and support to architects and specifiers
  • Metal & finishing directly from our own in house production lines, assures quality, fast deliveries, and offers substantial cost reductions via mullion length optimisation
Finishing Options
Any of our standard 80 colours (ex stock) or customised to your personal preferences directly from our own in-house production lines, which assures short lead times and warrantees quality in:
  • Anodizing to Qualanod®
  • Powder Coating to Qualicoat®
  • Wood effect to Qualideco®
The following values are indicative and can vary depending on the location, orientation and elevation of your project. Contact our technical department for more specialised assistance.

Technical Characteristics
Mullion Width                        55 mm
Mullion Depth                                         Up to 145 mm - Customised sizes also available 
Glass Options Up to 48 mm                                                        

Performance & Classification
Air Permeability 600 Pa                                   
Water Tightness 600 Pa
Resistance to Wind Load 2400 Pa Service Load
3600 Pa Safety Load
Water Tightness, Dynamic Pass
Water Tightness Hose Test Pass
Water Resistance Safety  3600 Pa
Impact Resistance Class 5                                          

Curtain Wall systems developed to create impressive yet practical façades, provide designers and architects with the flexibility to create innovative and versatile solutions.Designed for the largest diversity of structures possible, from new or refurbished buildings, to low or high rise commercial constructions and even domestic houses. Curtain Walls also integrate fully with other MUSKITA door and window systems.
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