Research & Development
Our mission is grounded in innovation, improvement and creativity. This is why we do not believe in limits.
For over half a century MUSKITA has been pushing the boundaries of technology in aluminium manufacturing. We are always looking to the future, continuously improving and expanding systems and creating new products by investing in technology and the development of our people. Our R&D department constantly seeks new uses for aluminium, the latest market trends are systematically evaluated and researched and new solutions are always being developed. Our vertical integration, experience and professionalism guarantee the superior quality, service and flexibility needed to meet all your design concepts.
When designing our systems our R&D department takes into key consideration the changing conditions and demands of the environment. The principals of sustainable architecture, energy savings, security and design versatility are built into our products, in order to tackle the challenges of climate change, sound pollution and security. Furthermore, the increased sound pollution in our cities has led us to emphasize the sound reduction properties and performance of our products, while increased security requirements are fully accommodated onto our systems via multi locks and security points. All our systems undergo weathering tests and are properly certified for water tightness, air permeability, resistance to wind load and thermal insulation by accredited and independent certifying institutions.
MUSKITA holds an impressive number of design patents which have since become standards of reference for the market, and with our extensive investments in R&D there are plenty more to come.