At Muskita we endeavour to generate value – not just for our customers and partners, but also for our people and the wider community in which we serve. Muskita is an export-oriented company that makes a large contribution to the Cypriot economy and workforce. The Muskita Group employs more than 2000 people across different businesses, generating thousands of jobs across the local economy. We are grateful for the support we receive from our society, which is why our policy includes an extensive CSR programme, composed of a collection of incredible efforts our people have made to make a difference in the market and the world around us.
Muskita has a long history of social impact, delivering results for our community through fundraising efforts, donations as well as educational programmes. Our annual blood donation, in memory of our founder George Mouskis, in collaboration with the Limassol General Hospital is one of the most tangible ways our management, staff and volunteers give back to the community. Muskita further engages in numerous other initiatives to help those in need and benefit the local community, such as actively supporting organisations that help the vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Each business decision we make considers the economic, environmental and social impact of our actions. In our pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement, we are driven to create better performing products, lower our environmental impact and inspire our customers.
Highlights of our green initiatives, for which Muskita was given the Energy Conservation Award, include an advanced gas cooling system used to reduce the temperature of gas emissions by converting them into steam, contributing to significant energy conservation and environmental protection. Furthermore, all dyes used in our colouring processes are environmentally friendly and we rigorously treat all wastewater emitted by our plant so that it respects the rigorous standards of safety and environmental protection. Muskita is also an active member of Green Dot Cyprus, recycling paper and plastic.
Muskita supports pioneering programmes and activities that encourage environmental protection such as the Adopt a Heliostat initiative that promotes green energy and innovation in Cyprus.
Aluminium Recycling
We recycle all of our scrap metal. Because aluminium can be recycled almost infinitely requiring only 5% of initial energy input, its recycling saves about 100 million tons of CO2 emissions annually – making aluminium the green metal. Moreover, due to its corrosion resistance and strength 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today, making it extremely economical and sustainable for future generations.

Muskita Systems
Our systems are built on the principles of sustainable development. This requires more than simply implementing the current energy standards and regulations – it involves tackling the challenges of climate change and the idiosyncrasies of each environment to create individualised solutions for long-term and effective sustainability. In view of the challenges of climate change and regulations set for 2020 new buildings will be required to match the Passive House concept or Zero energy buildings. Our thermal systems are designed to achieve low U-values improving energy savings, and are fully equipped to tackle these challenges and together with our experts we can advise you on certification and on the appropriate system for your needs.