Modern horizontal section fencing

MU1080 is MUSKITA’s comprehensive modern aluminium fencing solution, designed with horizontal slats.

The system utilizes aluminium slats of various dimensions secured between columns, in a horizontal arrangement, creating a continuous linear effect, offering quick and easy installation.

The system is characterized by its strength and robustness, allowing for large distances between columns, making it suitable for constructions with large dimensions.

It is available in any colour offering a long-term, maintenance free solution for every design requirement.

System Advantages
  • Modern linear aesthetic, without visible junctions or connection points
  • Wide range of aluminium slats offers infinite pattern and design options
  • The system’s superior robustness allows the possibility of long distances from column to column for larger-scale constructions
  • Intelligent design for characteristic ease of construction
  • High security
  • Easy to clean with zero maintenance
  • Reduces fire hazard
  • Environmentally friendly
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