Slim insect screen solution that blocks even the tiniest of pests

MU6100 Insecta

MU6100 Insecta is not just an insect screen. This ground-breaking system with minimal design, combines state-of-the-art innovation with practicality and comfort, to create a total insect screen solution, engineered to tackle the largest window and patio openings of up to 3 m in height. MU6100 Insecta offers a selection of revolutionary easy to fit screens, that block even the tiniest of pests (gnats, sandflies etc.), as well as screens that are pet-resistant and offer shading and sun protection, that can all also be used on conventional systems. Now you can finally open up your windows and enjoy the comfort of a cool breeze without the irritation.


Technical Features & Solutions

  • MU6100 Insecta is a minimal insect screen engineered to construct very large screen openings of up to 3 m in height without a support profile, previously unattainable with traditional flyscreen solutions. The system’s specialized design ensures it maintains its high performance and tautness, without any denting or sagging, even when exposed to heavy strain.
  • MU6100 Insecta’s patent pending innovative design uses no mechanical parts such as rollers. Instead, the system glides seamlessly on its top hung track, creating the slimmest look, which is unavailable in conventional insect screens. 
  • MU6100 Insecta can be installed on any existing MUSKITA door or window system without requiring any prior provisions for a seamless integrated look, and it can also be installed as a stand-alone system.
  • MU6100 Insecta can construct connecting sashes via specialized industrial magnets, allowing easy opening and access.
  • The system is simple, quick and easy to assemble and install.
  • MU6100 Insecta offers a selection of revolutionary easy to fit screens for multiple applications.


Screen options

ΒetterVue Screen: This tough and durable screen is designed to protect your home from the tiniest insects like gnats, sandflies, and biting midges via an ultra-tight weave, while maintaining flawless outward visibility, ventilation and natural light.

Heavy-Duty PetScreen: This specialized tough screen mesh is ideal for pet-resistant applications, and is tear and puncture-proof, preventing damage by most cats and dogs, including clawing, chewing and pushing.  The screen keeps even the smallest insects out while also providing additional privacy and protection from the sun’s heat and glare. The screen material is designed to withstand harsh weather with specialized profiles available for increased resistance.

All screens are produced to meet the highest standards and specifications.

These highly durable screens are the perfect choice for windows, doors or patio openings and install like conventional screening. Made of fiberglass, the screens are non-combustible and will not rust, corrode, or stain, making them an ideal screen solution for coastal areas. Specialised handles are available for enhanced robustness and resistance to wind pressure.

Technical Characteristics
Top Rail Width
40 mm
Top Rail Height
18 mm
Side Rail Width
52.8 mm
Side Rail Height
16 mm
Sash Width
40 mm
Sash Height
2.4 mm
Top Visible Section
50.4 mm
Side Visible Section
35 mm
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Sublimation & Wood Finishes