Striking large-scale entrance doors with sleek design

MU2075 Pivot Door & Aller Retour

Systems MU2075 Pivot & Aller Retour respond perfectly to the needs of modern architecture, creating striking large-scale entrance doors, featuring elegant linear and sleek design. Their innovative engineering, coupled with state-of-the-art accessories and hardware, deliver exceptional quality, unparalleled safety and excellent thermal insulation while still maintaining the system’s versatility and functionality. Due to their unique features, systems MU2075 Pivot & Aller Retour can create large openings while rotating around an axis, providing an exceptional design aesthetic for impressive constructions.

Technical Features & Solutions

  • Concealed pivot or aller retour mechanisms can be placed in the middle of the door or off-center, and can adjust the door left – right and up – down.
  • The mechanisms can withstand weight up to 250 - 300 kg. 
  • Powerful floor rotation mechanism for easy and smooth opening.
  • Diverse materials can be used to cover the frame (composite aluminium panels, glass, HPL, panels etc.) providing beautiful and varied combinations of designs options. 
  • The sash and frame create a unified level surface.
  • Several handles are available with a large selection of security locks including electric locks.
  • Compatible with specialized locking mechanisms such as fingerprint recognition, keypad, card as well as anti-burglar hardware.
Technical Characteristics
Frame Width
75 mm
Sash Width
75 mm
Pivot Mechanism from Sash Edge
Variable/ Minimum 250 mm
Minimum Construction Width
1.25 m
Maximum Mechanism Weight
300 kg
Glass Options
Up to 43 mm
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance – Uw [W/(m2K)]
≥ 1.2
Sound Reduction
Up to 51 dB
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Opening, with Fix Panel
Cross Sections