MUSKITA receives the highest anti-burglar safety certification.

In our efforts to ensure the highest quality, safety and anti-burglar resistance of our products, while  providing you with even more solutions for the most demanding projects, MUSKITA has received one of the highest grade burglar-resistant security certifications - RC3.

Security is of paramount importance, especially in recent years where burglaries and violations of houses and properties are on the rise. The aim of burglar resistant tools is to delay entry into the premises and building as much as possible. The security of an aluminum system depends on three factors: the aluminum profiles, the glazing and the accessories & mechanisms of the system.

MUSKITA’s integrated, thermally insulated system MU2075, has been tested and certified with one of the highest categories of burglar-resistance - RC3. The hinged system MU2075 combines modern design, security and energy efficiency while guaranteeing high quality with excellent
water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance properties.


What does the RC3 category certification mean:

In this category, the potential burglar uses tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wedges or crowbars to violate the locked frame.

System MU2075 has been tested and is RC3 certified by the renowned European laboratory GU Germany, which ensures the system’s superiority and excellent burglar-resistance properties.

July 17, 2019