Buying aluminium doors & windows: what to consider

Before purchasing aluminium systems, research needs to be done in order to find the necessary characteristics and criteria of the landscape and aesthetic, before finalizing the exact product that will meet the needs of our space.

The weather conditions at the location of your home is one of the key factors that influences the buying process. Areas with extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and rainfall, create greater challenges for the door and window systems. Therefore, the installation of advanced, highly efficient aluminium frames with high resistance to wind pressure and water tightness are the best and longest lasting choice for aluminium doors and windows.

In areas with particularly cold or hot climates, the application of thermally insulated aluminium systems is the best choice. Also, in coastal areas where the windows and doors are exposed to more humidity, anodized aluminium finishes are the safest choice for durability and quality that lasts a lifetime.

Another crucial point we should focus on is the natural light of the space. Large openings can help create the overall aesthetic of the house, and with sunlight penetrating unhindered inside the building, it can help improve the mood and lifestyle of the residence.
MUSKITA’s slim and minimal aluminium systems combine flexibility with minimalism, offering unobstructed views for timeless elegance without compromise.

Priority in the choice of aluminium doors and windows is to ensure our security against the possibility of burglaries. In order to achieve this, make sure the doors and windows you choose include a multi-lock mechanism between the leaf and the frame for greater protection of your home.

Last but not least, a key point in our selection is the cost of the systems. Investing in aluminium systems that stand out for their supreme characteristics such as high performance, safety, flexibility and high aesthetics should be considered a long-term investment.  So, if you are looking for high quality windows and doors, suitable for large openings and with the most impressive final result, only aluminium is capable of tackling such demanding conditions and constructions while also withstanding the tests of time.


December 08, 2020