High rise buildings play a leading role in 21st-century architectural design. They are a combination of imagination, technology and expertise, a way to redefine the outline of a city and our connection with it.

The Four Seasons Residences is a prime example of a high-rise building, spreading vertically towards the sky and unfolding to the sea, creating a new residential experience enriched with the high level of hospitality of the Four Seasons Hotel.

The building and the residences are equipped with the revolutionary systems ΤΗÉΑ Minimal Aluminium Frames, MU2075 Elite and MU4200 Semi Structural Thermal. The large glass surfaces with THÉA Minimal Aluminium Frames feature unobstructed views of the sea and create an effortless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

MU2075 Elite is the ultimate comprehensive hinged system featuring outstanding energy efficiency, sound reduction and safety performance ratings. Combining elegant linear design with robust construction, easy installation and essential system versatility, MU2075 Elite covers all possible configurations offering multi-locks, as well as micro-ventilation for even the most demanding projects.

MU4200 Semi Structural Thermal is MUSKITA’s comprehensive curtain wall system offering simple, safe and sound solutions to the most demanding design concepts of modern architecture. Ideal for low and high-rise buildings, MU4200 Semi Structural Thermal is engineered for fast and easy installation, with windows blending seamlessly with glass units creating beautiful building façades.

ΤΗÉΑ Minimal Aluminium Frames: The system's true minimal design and almost invisible frames, leave views unobstructed, while its application on large surfaces softens the boundaries between the interior of the building and the horizon. The system’s cutting-edge modularity and strength allow it to effortlessly carry large glass panes weighing up to a metric ton, providing limitless solutions for your every design concept.

Even in the most adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds, conditions even more intense in high-rise buildings, the Residences luxury apartments are effectively protected by the innovative systems THÉA, MU2075 Elite and MU4200 Semi Structural Thermal. The building’s large glass surfaces, allow the life and movement of the city to enter the Lobby, while the reflections created on the large outdoor pool, complement the sense of light and movement on the ground floor. Thanks to its innovative design and systems used, the new landmark of the Four Seasons gives a new dimension to luxury residences in high-rise buildings.


September 23, 2021