We offer a wide range of accessories, hardware and automations designed to increase the functionality and performance of our systems, while still maintaining the seamless aesthetics of our designs. Partnering only with industry leaders, MUSKITA develops, produces and imports the latest accessories and complementary systems resulting in the highest quality and standards for our products.

All our aluminium systems are certified with our specialized and recommended range of accessories, achieving the best thermal insulation, fluid motion and maximum security.

Choose from our countless products with the help of our specialized staff at our showrooms who will advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Lift & Slide

Lift & Slide windows and doors have a mechanism that allows the sash to slide smoothly along the structure when the door is open, without contact between the track and the sash. Lift & Slide handles can rotate 180° between the open and closed positions. In the closed locking position, the system seals perimetrically with rubber gaskets, providing improved watertightness, increased thermal performance, and sound reduction even in very large openings. When closed, the rollers are relieved of the structure’s weight, which significantly improves the durability and lifespan of the system. At MUSKITA, we provide the highest quality components from accessories from leading brands such as GIESSE and GU to satisfy any need, functional or aesthetic.

Sliding windows and doors have two or more sashes that slide open horizontally on their track. They require less space to open as one slides in front of the other and are ideal for unobscured views. We offer all the high quality accessories required such as brushes, rollers, recessed handles, multi-and lock devices for a large variety of solutions and designs.
Side Hung Openings

We offer all solutions needed for the classic Side Hung/ Hinged internal opening through our vast range of high quality products, such as hinges, bolts, cremones and handles, available in countless finishes, from leading brands such as GIESSE and HOPPE.

Tilt & Turn

These inward opening windows allow two typologies. They can either open fully as a hinged window or have the top sash section tilt inwards allowing for ventilation. Partnering with the most reputable hardware producers, our solutions meet the most demanding requirements, from standard to micro-ventilated, concealed systems with 180° opening, perimetrical, heavy-duty openings or anti-burglar mechanisms. In terms of design, our endless variety of handles and cremones, available in any possible finish, satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and architectural trends.

Entrance Door Handles
Fully customizable in length and finish, our entrance door handles have proven themselves as one of the finest solutions for modern buildings or homes. The handles are designed to satisfy every style and preference with modern rectangular or rounded designs, while their solid aluminium structure means they are made to last a lifetime.
Folding Doors

These frames have vertical jointed sections which can be folded together to one side to allow access to a room or building. They are often used in restaurants and bars, but also in private homes in order to reduce the area taken up by the frame and free space. We provide all the needed accessories for an extensive number of folded vertical sections.

In Pivot systems windows and doors turn, or oscillate, on a central pin that allows the sash to rotate around an axis, providing an exceptional design aesthetic for a stunning first impression. These aluminium systems offer an ideal solution for oversized door openings, as they are engineered for heavy doors and are capable of supporting much more weight than traditional hinges.
Curtain Walls

These systems cover the entire side of a structure such as a building façade, allowing architects the flexibility to create innovative and versatile solutions with large glass surfaces and minimal aluminium with generally external opening frames. We offer all accessories needed including a variety of arms, locks, handles and cremones for the most demanding project requirements.

MUSKITA’s shutter systems provide smart and reliable solutions for shading, light control, ventilation and energy savings, above all, contributing effectively to building security. Shutters can be added to any of MUSKITA’s door and window systems, creating a beautiful environment with various design options, ideal for both traditional or modern spaces, integrating perfectly with building architecture.

These devices allow the automatic opening and closing of frames. We offer a wide range of automations, especially for top hung, bottom hung, skylight or lift & slide frames.

We offer a wide range of locks such as single locks, multi-locks, different back-sets and shapes, multiple key cylinders and automatic systems, produced by leading brands for the highest security.
Panic Bars
Frames can accommodate Panic Bars where a bar spans an emergency exit door on its interior and opens the latch when pressure is applied. We provide the certified products of leading brands to meet any project requirements, from pull and push, to multi-lock and fireproof versions.
Finishes & Colours

Explore over 80 finishes and colours ex stock or customized to your personal preferences.

Choose from our wide range of exclusive Anodized finishes, sophisticated Superdurable Powder Coating colours, beautiful Wood Finishes or unique Sublimation colours.