Firm Foundations

George Mouskis was a pioneer of the European Aluminium Industry. He had a humble background, however he was a man with a passion for learning and quickly realized aluminium’s potential as a new building material, at time when the metal was relatively unheard of. He founded MUSKITA from a small company he established with 10 employees that made aluminium structures in Cyprus.

George Mouskis

Standing the Test of Time

MUSKITA launches the first Anodizing Plant on the island providing more control over product quality. The anodized aluminium produced in 1965 can still be found over 50 years later on local buildings virtually untouched by time.

Standing the Test of


MUSKITA completes its factory headquarters at Limassol Industrial Estates in Cyprus, where it can be found today.



MUSKITA establishes the MUSALCO factory in Saudi Arabia. MUSALCO exported aluminium extrusions to Cyprus, helping create a strong export base and valuable employment opportunities for over 450 Cypriot technicians, during one of the most difficult periods in Cyprus’ history.


The Systems House

As a consequence of its excellence in production, MUSKITA expands its activities to extrusion and establishes itself as an international systems house. MUSKITA obtains flexibility, agility and superior capabilities to customize profiles to its clientele’s needs. MUSKITA becomes a founding member of the Aluminium Association of Greece.

The systems house

Honours & Awards

The Employers & Industrialists Federation of Cyprus awards the European Business Award to MUSKITA for outstanding Business Performance. MUSKITA receives the award again in 1992, 1996 & 1999.

Honours & Awards

Setting the Standard of Excellence

MUSKITA wins the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism Award and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry award, as well as the European Union Excellence Award (which MUSKITA later receives again in 2004).

Excellence Award

Welcome the Millennium

MUSKITA enters the 21st century by opening its subsidiary company Universal Components Ltd in the U.K. setting strong foundations in Northern Europe and enabling continuous expansion of activities across the continent.

Welcome the Millennium

Runs in the Family

Demos Mouskis becomes the new CEO and president of the Management Board of MUSKITA Aluminium Industries, beginning a new era of innovation and technological expansion.

Runs in the Family

Technology & Awards

The factory undergoes a complete renovation. Installations of a second extrusion press, a vertical plant for electrostatic painting, robotic warehousing and robotic anodizing plants elevate the factory’s state-of-the-art capability.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr Tassos Papadopoulos awards MUSKITA the Cyprus Export Award, the European Union Excellence Award for the company’s extensive export network spanning from Ireland to the Indian Ocean.


First Cyprus Innovation Award 

MUSKITA is awarded the first Cyprus Innovation Award in the Manufacturing Sector for the design, construction and installation of the first fully automated robotic storage and management system of aluminium profiles.

automated robotic storage


MUSKITA wins the Energy Conservation Award, taking responsibility for sustainable development by creating a system to conserve energy and lower the temperature of gas emissions.



MUSKITA establishes the Accessories department, enabling the company to partner with leaders in their field to develop, produce and import the latest accessories and complementary systems in Cyprus.

Accessories department

Accessories Expansion

MUSKITA expands the accessories department through the addition of 3 new robotic accessory manufacturing and aluminium processing units, more than tripling its in-house accessory manufacturing capacity.

Accessories Expansion

60 Years of Unstoppable Innovation

MUSKITA turns 60, celebrating six decades of market leadership, relentless innovation and a history that goes hand in hand with the history of aluminium. With innovation at heart, MUSKITA receives the 2nd Innovation Award for the design and production of the pioneering minimalist sliding system THÉA Minimal Aluminium Frames.

2nd Innovation Award

Largest Photovoltaic Roof Installation

MUSKITA expans its state-of-the-art anodization plant to 68,000 amperes, increasing production capacity and slashing delivery times for anodization finishes. MUSKITA inaugurates the largest 2.5 MW photovoltaic roof installation in Cyprus, contributing to 30% of energy needs and reducing CO2 emissions by 2500 tonnes annually. MUSKITA also opens its ultramodern showroom in Limassol.  

Largest Photovoltaic Roof Installation

A Bright Future

Today MUSKITA is one of the most technologically advanced firms in its industry worldwide. MUSKITA’s systems have been tested and certified to withstand the severe rain and snow of Northern Europe, the pounding cyclones of the Indian Ocean and the searing heat of the Middle East. MUSKITA products are used internationally, across multiple sectors ranging from aviation to agriculture, which is a testament to the cutting-edge technology, engineering, quality and skilled workforce that have been paramount to the company’s current and future success.

A Bright Future
A Bright Future