MU3900 Office: The simplest way to adapt your workplace

Privacy + Collaboration


Social distancing is likely to remain an important part of keeping the coronavirus pandemic under control. That’s especially true at work, where people spend the majority of their time close to others.

MU3900 Office is MUSKITA Aluminium Industries new versatile, latest generation total solution for office and interior partitions. The system aims to help you design your workplace by retrofitting and reconfiguring your business to ensure health and safety of all.

MU3900 Office caters to modern workplace needs through its minimalistic design concept backed by robust engineering. The system is the ideal solution for workplaces that require advanced sound insulation without compromising on aesthetics, while maintaining design versatility and configurability. The system can be fitted with glass, wood or panels while adjustable blinds can also be applied between the glass. The system is simple to construct with quick and easy installation, even in areas currently in operation without requiring any prior preparation.

The main characteristics of the system include:

  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • Minimalistic modern design.
  • Multiple paneling and glazing options.
  • Various materials such as wood, glass or panels can be used for doors, as well as in combinations.
  • Variable height partitions for open plan office layout.
  • Variable angle walls allow construction of any partition combination or configuration. 
  • Specialized profiles for levelling of uneven floor and roof surfaces for correct installation of the upper and lower horizontal transoms.

Contact our experts or visit our website to learn more about the advantages of this product and adapt your workplace to increase its functionality while following health and safety guidelines.

June 29, 2020