The need to replace your old aluminium doors and windows with new ones

Nowadays, the need to conserve energy is becoming all the more necessary as there have been significant changes in the way we live and consume.

It is known that the greatest heat loss comes from the openings of buildings. Therefore, the type of aluminium doors and windows a building has is considered one of the most vital factors that affect the overall energy performance of the building.

Opening and sliding thermal aluminium frames, combined with Low-e thermal glass, should be installed in any project. The benefits of installing thermal aluminium systems, is not only the energy savings that will be achieved from heating and cooling reductions, but also the provision of a living in a healthier environment.

Maintaining thermal comfort inside the buildings in addition to minimal energy consumption is achieved by reducing heat loss from the surface of the windows to the outside environment during the cold winter months, and reducing unwanted heat intake during the warm summers.

The transfer of heat depends on the difference of the temperature between the interior and exterior environment, as well as the thermal resistance of the materials that make up the window.

Good insulation ratings and sound reduction are achieved by placing polyamide (a poor conductor of heat) between the internal and the external surface of the aluminium profiles, which acts as a thermal break.
For example, in an apartment of 100 m² replacing 6 old frames with new thermal aluminium systems with a Uw = 2 [W/(m²K)], can achieve up to €1000 per year in cost savings from the heating and cooling systems.

Another key factor in achieving better thermal insulation in the building as a whole, is the orientation of the openings. The size and orientation of the openings affect the energy demand for cooling and heating, as the frames receive solar radiation which reduces the energy demand for heating in colder months, but increases the energy demand for cooling in warmer months.

In order to further reduce the energy consumption and cost of buildings, the orientation of the frames must be taken into account. For homes, it is recommended to place large openings facing south, in order to receive enough sun in winter, but also have adequate shading in summer.

In general, the changing of old frames in a building with new thermal aluminium doors and windows can achieve:

  • Thermal comfort indoors.
  • Reducing the possibility of water vapor formation on the surface of aluminium profiles.
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs due to energy savings.
  • Protecting the environment with the reduced demand of energy use. Also, the choice of installing aluminium systems is the most environmentally friendly solution as aluminium is a recyclable material.
  • Increasing commercial value with Zero energy buildings.
Tuesday 1, 2020