Pallet deck with 6 crosswise planks & 2 heavy duty skids



Dimensions: 1200x800x150 mm
Load bearing: 1500 kg    

Our pallets are manufactured using state of the art technology and high quality robotic welding from 100% high-grade aluminium alloy 6005, giving them an unlimited service time. Pallets are TÜV certified and GMP compliant, ensuring they are manufactured with the highest European quality and safety standards. Profile edges are rounded and pallets are watertight providing the perfect solution for your storage and warehouse needs, while our flexible production and years of expertise enable us to produce at cost-effective prices.
Our aluminium pallets are:

  • 100% recyclable giving them high residual value
  • Extremely durable, ensuring a long service life and no maintenance cost
  • Easy to repair if abused
  • Easy to clean and sterilize, not damaged by UV and have no fumigation needs
  • Anti static (unlike plastic) and antimagnetic
  • Food safe
  • Not a fire hazard, reducing insurance bills
  • Weigh less than wood
  • Suitable for wide temperature fluctuations and work environments of -50°C to +200°C
  • Robotically welded, watertight and resilient
  • Available with permanent antimicrobial coatings
Technical Characteristics
Ground clearance crosswise side
120 mm
Entry height lengthwise side
98 mm
Weight (±5%)
14 kg
Distance between planks
80 mm
Plank width
80 mm
Learn about aluminium.
It will transform your intralogistics and bottom line. Comparisons have shown aluminium pallets can be over 50% cheaper than plastic pallets, and can last for decades offering a better return on investment than other competing materials.
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
powder coating