Thermal & cold cost-effective sliding system with slim design

MU100 Special and MU100 Thermal are reliable, established and cost-effective sliding systems available with or without thermal insulation. Combining slim linear design with easy installation and essential system versatility, systems MU100 are the perfect affordable solution for renovations or new constructions.

MU100 is comprised of 2 systems:

  • Thermally Insulated: MU100 Thermal
  • Non-Insulated: MU100 Special
MU100 Special
Technical Features & Solutions
  • MU100 Thermal and MU100 Special are characterized by excellent air and water tightness, increased acoustic insulation and mechanical strength
  • The systems have a slim, simple and modern design with a very slim interlock section of only 26.4 mm. 
  • The systems cover all possible frame configurations, single, double, triple and quadruple sashes, with 90° mullion free closing and with or without fly screens. The systems can also be concealed in walls and floors for a slim look.
  • MU100 systems are quick and easy to assemble and install, combining safety and functionality, without requiring high investment costs, making them ideal for renovations. 
  • High security is achieved with multiple locking points and high-tech precision accessories. A variety of high quality handles, embedded handles and mechanism are available from MUSKITA, Giesse Italy and G-U Germany.
  • Thermal efficiency achieved by a thermal break system of up to 32 mm wide polyamides (MU100 Thermal).
Thermal & cold cost-effective sliding system with slim design
Cost-effective sliding systems, ideal for renovations.
Offers slim 26.4 mm interlock section.
Technical Characteristics
Finishes & Colours
Technical Characteristics MU100 Thermal / MU100 Special
Rail Width
96.5 & 101 / 96.5 mm
Rail Height
39 & 46 / 25 & 35 mm
Sash Width
33.5 & 37.4 / 33.5 & 37.4 mm
Sash Height
77.5 & 80 / 63, 66.5 & 90 mm
Interlock Section Width
26.4, 36 & 56 / 36 & 56 mm
Maximum Sash Weight
200 kg
Glass Options
Up to 24 mm
Performance & Classification MU100 THERMAL / MU100 SPECIAL
Thermal Transmittance – Uw [W/(m²K)]
≥ 1.7 / Not Applicable
Air Permeability
Class 3
Water Tightness
Class 5A / Class 4B
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C1 / Class A3
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Sublimation & wood finishes
Sublimation & wood finishes
Double Track
Triple Track
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