Thermal system ideal for contemporary residence & hotels

MU114 is a comprehensive Sliding - Lift & Slide system specially designed by MUSKITA’s experienced R&D team for modern architectural constructions. The system offers elegance and maximum visibility with the highest energy efficiency and water tightness ratings in its category. Beyond its excellent energy performances, system MU114 is ideal for large openings as well as combinations for fixed and sliding constructions, providing all the solutions needed for contemporary residences and hotels.

MU114 is comprised of 3 systems and has been designed to provide the following options:

  • MU114 Slide
  • MU114 Lift & Slide 
  • MU114 Hotel Solution – Sliding / Lift & Slide – Fixed 
Technical Features & Solutions
  • MU114 can respond to heavy duty, large frame configurations with high thermal efficiency, water tightness and mechanical strength.
  • System MU114 can also be concealed in floors or walls with the addition of a concealed water drainage system.
  • Fixed sashes can be flawlessly assembled with sliding sashes preserving the uniformity, elegance of design and low manufacturing costs.
  • The system covers all possible frame configurations, single, double, triple and quadruple sashes, with or without fly screens and 90◦ mullion free closing. A wide variety of sashes combined with glazing beads or embedded glazing beads are available. 
  • MU114 offers various vertical post profiles depending on project needs, as well as slim 33 mm profile sections. 
  • High security is achieved with multiple locking points and high-tech precision accessories. A variety of high quality handles, embedded handles and mechanism are available from MUSKITA, Giesse Italy and GU Germany.
  • Smooth rolling of sashes is achieved with high-strength primary aluminium alloy roller guides and rollers that can withstand a maximum weight of up to 300 kg per sash.
High thermal efficiency is achieved by:
  • A thermal break system of 24-32 mm wide polyamides that thermally break the profiles
  • "hard PVC" that covers the sash and track interior 
  • vertical post insulation.
Ultimate thermal system for versatility, functionality & very large openings
Large Dimensions
MU114 can construct large openings as well as combinations for fixed and sliding constructions.
Offers slim 33 mm vertical post profiles.
Equipped with the highest energy efficiency and water tightness ratings in its category.
Technical Characteristics
Finishes & Colours
Technical Characteristics MU114 Lift & Slide / Slide / Hotel Solution
Rail Width
112 / 112 / 116.2 mm
Rail Height
50.5 mm
Sash Width
46 mm
Sash Height
78 / 66.7 & 78 / 66.7 & 78 mm
Interlock Section Width
33, 44.6 & 92.7 / 33, 44.6, 66.7 & 92.7 / 44.6, 66.7 & 92.7 mm
Maximum Sash Weight
300 / 200/ 300 kg
Glass Options
26-32 mm
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance – Uw [W/(m²K)]
≥ 1.1 / ≥ 1.1 / ≥ 0.96
Sound Reduction
Up to 41 dB
Air Permeability
Class 4
Water Tightness
Class E750
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C3
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Double Track
Triple Track
Corner Track
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