Cost-effective non-insulated system with straight & curved design


System MU2500 is a cost-effective hinged system available without thermal insulation. Combining modern straight or curved line design with easy installation and excellent performance ratings, system MU2500 is the perfect affordable solution for renovations or new constructions.


Technical Features & Solutions

  • MU2500 is characterized by excellent air and water tightness, increased acoustic insulation and mechanical strength.
  • The systems cover all possible frame configuration from standard to Tilt & Turn, Tilt & Slide options, double active doors, fixed frames, as well as shopfronts, fanlights or projected sashes.
  • MU2500 is quick and easy to assemble and install, combining safety and functionality, without requiring high investment costs, making it ideal for renovations.
  • High security is achieved with multiple locking points and high-tech precision accessories. A variety of high quality handles, embedded handles and mechanism are available from MUSKITA, Giesse Italy and G-U Germany.
  • Excellent water drainage achieved with wide drainage chamber and concealed drainage on sashes.
Technical Characteristics
Frame Width
60 & 100 mm
Sash Width
60 mm
Minimum Aluminium Visible Width
97 mm
Minimum Aluminium Visible Width of T-profile
67 mm
Maximum Sash Weight
130 kg
Glass Options
Up to 35 mm
Performance & Classification
Air Permeability
Class 4
Water Tightness
Class E1050
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C5
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
powder coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
One Sash Window/ Door
one sash
Two Sash Window/ Door
two sash
Three Sash Window
three sash
Cross Section