Renowned thermal curtain wall system with worldwide applications

MU800 is MUSKITA’s internationally renowned thermally insulated curtain wall system with worldwide applications and market leading performance. The system has been developed to create impressive yet practical façades, providing designers and architects with the flexibility to create innovative and versatile building solutions for demanding architecture.

MU800 is engineered for the largest diversity of structures possible, from new or refurbished buildings, to low or high rise commercial constructions to even homes, while combining fast and easy installation.

Ensuring maximum versatility, the system combines exceptional performances, durability and cost-effectiveness with a proven structurally sound record in the most demanding environments.

MU800 is based on two different curtain wall systems; the mullion drained and the transom drained system.

Engineered for extreme weather conditions with excellent performance ratings
  • The system is thermally insulated and “severe weather rated” by full size dynamic tests conducted according to CWCT UK test sequence and meets the strictest European and international standards achieving global commercial success from Northern Europe to the cyclonic South Indian Ocean.
  • The system seals with EPDM watertight gaskets, rubber insulator profiles between the mullions/transoms and the pressure plates supporting the glazing units, achieving perfect air and water tightness, while preventing heat transfer from the outside in and vice versa.
  • Mullions are 55 mm hollow sections, providing very high resistance to wind pressure.
Combines fast and easy installation with design flexibility
  • The system is engineered for fast and easy fabrication and installation.
  • MU800 offers an internal and external 55 mm sight line.
  • The system is available with a large range of mullions and concealed reinforcers, offering design flexibility. Solutions range from low-rise, high-rise and large sloped/ inclined glazed applications and curved configurations while ensuring structural integrity.
  • Large selection of shaped cover plates offer a wide range of design options.
  • MU800 can be zone drained with the use of specialised draining profiles and fully ventilated transom and mullion drained versions are also available. This offers further design flexibility especially for high-rise applications.
  • Potential broken glass panes can be easily replaced.
  • Top hung opening units that are fully integrated into load-bearing structure can be constructed.
  • Concealed and inspectable wiring possibilities via transoms.
  • Custom made solutions are offered for specific project requirements.
  • Accommodates wide range of shading solutions and is compatible with the MUSKITA range of windows and doors.
  • Metal and finishing directly from our own in-house production lines assures quality, fast deliveries and offers substantial cost reductions via mullion length optimization for value added engineering.
Technical Features & Solutions
  • MU800 is available in two types: mullion drained and transom drained.
  • The system comes in a suite of mullion/ transom combinations which range from 94 mm up to 250 mm and are also available in customized sizes.
  • Mullions are interspaced at each floor so that each floor takes only the weight of its frames, which allows for better expansion and contraction.
  • The system is engineered with the advantage of being flexible. It can move up or down, left or right, greatly reducing the impact of earthquakes. Movements from seismic loads on mullions and transoms are absorbed by the specialized support brackets of the system.
  • Mullion fixing is achieved with aluminium brackets that are adjustable left or right and up or down. Brackets can be anodized or powder coated and steel brackets may also be used.
  • Glazing units are securely retained into position, on all 4 sides, with purposely designed pressure plates.
  • The system offers several auxiliary profiles for the upper and lower trim of vertical column profiles and special profile joints between floor slabs.
  • The system is ventilated by the frame, mullions and transoms.
  • Our technical support team offers shop drawings for large projects, detailed static, acoustic and thermal calculations, as well as installation guidelines and support to architects and specifiers.
Technical Characteristics
Finishes & Colours
Technical Characteristics
Mullion - Transom Width
55 mm
Mullion - Transom Depth
From 39.6 – 250.4 mm; Customised sizes also available
Maximum Sash Weight
120 kg
Glass Options
Up to 46 mm
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance – Uw [W/(m²K)]
≥ 1.1
Sound Reduction
47 dB
Air Permeability
600 Pa
Water Tightness
600 Pa
Resistance to Wind Load
2400 Pa Service Load; 3600 Pa Safety Load
Impact Resistance
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Sublimation & wood finishes
Architects & specialists - technical data

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