Sliding Shading System

MU900 Eclipse 

System MU900 Eclipse is part of MUSKITA’s façade shading solutions. This sliding system offers flexible shading, privacy and glare protection options for windows and façades in residential and commercial projects, serving as an integral architectural design element.

The system is characterized by its slim aluminium frame, that can accommodate a multitude of shading and panel designs such as perforated aluminium sheets, HPL panels, glass, aluminium composite panels, ceramics, as well as a variety of louvre blades.

Its slim track makes it suitable to install in narrow spaces or adjacent to existing window or façade systems, providing an additional affordable shading solution for any opening, meeting all new building energy requirements.

Features & Solutions

  • MU900 Eclipse offers endless design options via customized perforated aluminium sheets, HPL panels, glass, aluminium composite panels, ceramics, flyscreen options and horizontal or vertical louvre blades.
  • Sashes can be independent or multiple units, covering all possible sliding frame configurations, single, double, triple and quadruple sashes. The system can also be concealed in walls and floors.
  • Designed for a seamless integration with all window, door or façade systems and can be fitted on existing building openings.
  • MU900 Eclipse is quick and easy to assemble and install, combining safety and functionality, without requiring high investment costs, making it perfect as an addition for new buildings or renovations.
  • Security is achieved with a variety of high-quality handles, embedded handles and mechanism available from MUSKITA, Giesse Italy and G-U Germany.
  • Black out options are also available depending on the choice of panel and with additional sealing.
Technical Characteristics
Rail Width
48.3 mm , 85 mm, 128 mm
Rail Height
25 mm , 35 mm
Sash Width
32 mm
Sash Height
68 mm
Maximum Sash Weight
160 kg
Construction Width Options
Up to 22 mm
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
powder coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes