Pergola with fixed louvres and versatile design

Designed to elevate any outdoor space, MU9000 Zen, MUSKITA’s new fixed louvre pergola system, can accommodate fixed louvres of various styles, providing multiple design options and protection from the elements. 

The system’s numerous configurations allow it to be installed anywhere in your space, either as a stand-alone structure or adjacent to buildings, making it the perfect addition to any home, transforming everyday outdoor experiences into moments of calm and beauty.

MU9000 Zen Pergola
MU9000 Zen
Technical Features & Solutions
  • MU9000 Zen Pergola accommodates fixed louvres with varied design options, providing both function and elegance, ensuring excellent natural cooling and shading, while offering protection from the elements.
  • Louvres can be placed in a fixed position for full shading or tilted to the desired angle for controlled ventilation and partial shading, effectively extending your outdoor space for year-round use.
  • MU9000 Zen is made entirely of aluminium for the highest quality, robustness, and endurance over time. It is designed to withstand heavy wind-loads achieved via its robust aluminium profiles and alloy.
  • The system stands out for its simple and easy assembly and installation due to the limited number of profiles.
  • Invisible fixings ensure a seamless beautiful minimalist aesthetic.
  • The system is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Standard colours of RAL9016 White, and Anodized Silver AA15 offer optimum bioclimatic performance.
Solutions for every possible configuration
  • MU9000 Zen is engineered for conventional as well as wide/ customized pergola dimensions for every project need, including free-standing models with 4 column support or wall-mounted models. The pergola can also be installed without columns, with proper system application and support on existing masonry or beams.
  • For louvre configurations that provide full shading, watertightness is ensured via specialized components and water drainage channels on the pergola’s perimeter and columns.
  • The system can also be integrated with glass sliding panels, sliding shutters, roller blinds, flyscreenes, heaters, sound systems, fans and more.
MU9000 Oasis
Technical Characteristics
Finishes & Colours
Technical Characteristics
Maximum pergola width
3.00 m
Maximum pergola length without support
3.00 m
Maximum pergola length with additional support
6.00 m
Maximum suggested pergola height
3.00 m
*Standard pergola column to column spacing is up to 3 m. For distances beyond 3 m, extra support is required via beam. With beam support, column to column spacing increases up to 6 m per opening. For specialized sizes over 6 m contact our technical department.

The installer must comply with the specifications and standards as set by the European standard for shading systems on terrain category and wind loads.
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Sublimation & wood finishes
Free-standing pergola with 4 column support
MU9000 OASIS PERGOLA Free-standing pergola with 4 column support
Free-standing pergola with 6 column support
MU9000 OASIS PERGOLA Free-standing pergola with 6 column support
Wall-mounted pergola with 2 column support
MU9000 OASIS PERGOLA Wall-mounted pergola with 2 column support
Free-standing pergola with 9 column support
MU9000 OASIS PERGOLA Free-standing pergola with 9 column support
Pergola without column support
MU9000 OASIS PERGOLA Pergola without column support
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