Thermally insulated glass doors

Structural Doors are thermally insulated systems and typologies of MU2075, that blend seamlessly with surrounding building components. The system perfectly masks itself into the outer building envelope, preserving the façade’s uniform appearance in curtain wall systems and can also be used in internal partitioning for an all glass minimalist design. 

Structural Doors
Structural Door
Technical Features & Solutions
  • Typologies include single or double and opening inwards or outwards. 
  • Operates with floor springs or ordinary hinges. 
  • Locking mechanisms include multi-point security locks including electrically operated mechanisms.
  • The system is easy and simple to fabricate and install, easily adjustable to any opening and can be used with any combination of mullions / transoms.
  • Its unique and innovative design using a small number of adaptable profiles, allows the system to construct all kinds of typologies, while also maintaining a very competitive price. 
Thermally insulated glass doors
Easily adjustable to any opening, providing multiple design configurations and solutions for every design concept, while maintaining a competitive price.
All glass minimal design that masks itself into outer building envelope or internal partitions.
Compatible with specialized locking mechanisms such as fingerprint recognition, keypad, card as well as anti-burglar hardware.
Technical Characteristics
Finishes & Colours
Performance & Classification: Structural Doors
Thermal Transmittance Uw [W / (m²K)]
≥ 1.2
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
Wood finishes
Sublimation & wood finishes
Architects & specialists - technical data

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