Quality, flexibility and innovation are at the heart of Muskita.
We pursue excellence through the continuous improvement of our products and services and we are dedicated to their quality throughout the entire sequence of production.
Our vertical integration, experience and knowledge guarantee the superior quality and service of our products and the flexibility to meet all your design concepts, from standard projects to customised solutions. All our stages of design, production and finishing are completed under one roof. This ensures fast delivery, maximum flexibility and excellent quality - from raw materials to finished products delivered directly to you, ensuring you derive the greatest value.
Quality means Muskita’s systems meet and exceed the strictest European and international standards of design, safety and energy efficiency. Our systems are tested and certified by independent, renowned European Laboratories and Institutions, whose trademarks guarantee the superiority of our products. We have accomplished the quality certifications of QUALANOD, been awarded for anodizing by EURAS and for our electrostatic powder coating by EWAA, while the design, water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance properties of our systems respond to the strictest European standards.
Muskita is always looking to the future, continuously improving and expanding existing systems and creating new products, by investing in technology and the development of our people. Having been honoured with numerous European business awards, energy saving awards and the 1st Cyprus Innovation Award, we are committed to excellence and innovation, and with a successful history of decades in the industry, we are compelled to set even higher goals for the future.