Thermal hinged system with linear design


MU2075 is the ultimate comprehensive Hinged System featuring outstanding energy efficiency, sound reduction and safety performance ratings. Combining elegant linear design with robust construction, easy installation and essential system versatility, MU2075 covers all possible configurations offering multi-locks, as well as micro-ventilation for even the most demanding projects.

Technical Features & Solutions

  • The system’s impressive performance ratings make it ideal for private residences and buildings with high energy requirements. Outstanding energy efficiency ratings are achieved with polyamides, special insulating materials within the profile and specially designed concealed plastic inserts. 
  • Excellent sound reduction properties and top performances in water tightness and air permeability even in extreme weather conditions, accomplished by triple sealing via multicavity central and expandable EPDM gaskets. 
  • Microventilation options available for simple,  effective and safe room ventilation achieved by opening the sash only a few millimeters, allowing air to flow naturally without any sudden changes in temperature. 
  • Combines robust construction with essential system versatility and functionality.
  • Easy and quick installation. 

Excellent versatility with vast design capabilities and solutions for every possible configuration:

  • MU2075 covers all possible frame configurations from standard to Tilt & Turn, Tilt & Slide or Pivot Door and window options, double active doors, as well as shopfronts or projected sashes for even the most demanding projects. 
  • Ability to combine single, multi-sash or fixed frames. 


  • High security achieved with multiple locking points and high security customized hardware. 
  • Tested and certified for excellent burglar-resistance with one of the highest RC3 burglar-resistance category certifications. 
  • Compatible with both Camera Europea multiple locking hardware and Camera ALU16 perimetric locking hardware. 
Technical Characteristics
Frame Width
68 mm
Sash Width
75 mm
Minimum Aluminium Visible Width of T-profile
74 mm
Maximum Sash Weight
170 kg
Glass Options
Up to 56 mm
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance – Uw [W/(m²K)]
≥ 1.2
Sound Reduction
Up to 50 dB
Air Permeability
Class 4
Water Tightness
Class E1050
Resistance to Wind Load
Class C5
Finishes & Colours
Powder Coating
powder coating
Sublimation & Wood Finishes
Opening, Tilt & Turn Windows or Doors with Fixed Panels
One Sash Window/ Door
one sash
Two Sash Window/ Door
two sash
Three Sash Window
three sash
Cross Sections