MUSKITA’s valuable role in the landmark project Limassol Del Mar

The Limassol Del Mar, a magnificent world-class seafront development, is approaching the finish line with Phase A completed.

Situated in Limassol, one of the world’s most up-and-coming city hubs for both business and leisure, the ambitious project is immediately captivating with two 18 and 27-floor towers standing out prominently among other buildings dotting the skyline. Located on the first line of the Limassol coast, Del Mar ensures breathtaking views of the sea and with its south-facing orientation, almost all property areas give a unique feel of being right on the water.


Limassol Del Mar is built to the highest standards with many exclusive luxurious in-house amenities and represents the first of its kind joint venture between two of the largest developers in Cyprus, Leptos Group and D. Zavos. Designed by award-winning architecture studio Benoy and UDS architects Antoniades + Eleftheriou, the building’s unique sculptural form is inspired by the Mediterranean’s smooth and curved sea waves as well as the shape of the low hills north of the island.


Every detail of the 55,000 sqm imposing skyscraper has been carefully designed to radiate confidence, comfort, and luxury. MUSKITA Aluminium Industries systems and products have been used throughout the project, contributed critically to its construction.


MUSKITA’s Structurally Glazed Curtain Wall system MU800SG, encases the building’s ground floor, creating a beautiful all glass façade. The internationally renowned system is engineered for high-rise buildings with challenging architecture, ensuring maximum design versatility, excellent energy efficiency and performances, durability and cost-effectiveness with a proven structurally sound record in the most demanding environments.


In perfect alignment with the landmark project’s aesthetics, MUSKITA’s quality systems MU144.91 Lift & Slide and MU2075 Elite are used for the Del Mar’s windows and doors. System MU144.91 is MUSKITA’s newest generation thermal Sliding-Lift & Slide system designed for versatility, functionality and very large openings, offering multiple design configurations and outstanding performance ratings, while MU2075 Elite is an advanced thermal hinged system with outstanding energy and safety ratings, elegant linear design and easy access.


It should be noted that system colours are MUSKITA’s exclusive anodized finish Anox 1052, a refined metallic shade that perfectly reveals the elegance and natural beauty of aluminium. Achieved via a specialised painting process through electrolysis, Anox 1052 is one of the most challenging colours for factories to produce consistently, making MUSKITA one of the only plants in the world capable of producing the finish. 


Overlooking the sea, MUSKITA’s newest innovatively designed aluminium glass railing system Horizon Balustrades shelter balconies, offering fast installation combined with increased mechanical strength, while providing residents with unobstructed views. On the northern side of the building, rust coloured customized horizontal shading louvres complete and compliment the project perfectly.


Lastly, MUSKITA Acoustic Louvres used throughout building's service areas greatly reduce noise emanating from ventilation outlets, while integrating flawlessly with exterior building design.


Upon completion, Limassol Del Mar will hold its rank as one of the leading projects in Cyprus and one of the most modern residential constructions in the eastern Mediterranean. MUSKITA’s range, quality, engineering excellence and ability to generate customized solutions has played a decisive role in the project’s success, exemplifying the company’s leadership in the construction sector.


September 17, 2021