Architecture often seeks to imitate nature, either with organic forms or by uniting with the landscape. However, there are buildings whose dynamic forms are inspired by jewels found deep within the earth. Imperio’s The Icon stands on the shores of Limassol like a diamond that mirrors the horizon and the sea, providing all its residents and visitors with unobstructed panoramic views of the whole city and the Mediterranean.

Inspired by the unique shape of a brilliant diamond, the 21-story creation by UDS Architects + Designers with its three-dimensional facades evokes an almost transparent, sparkling prism framed by a prominent metal frame. It is one of the tallest buildings in Cyprus and a particularly impressive addition to the Limassol skyline.

The building houses luxury apartments as well as an impressive infinity pool which hovers prominently over the city below.

The project features many exclusive amenities, and offers a fine dining experience at its new restaurant La Caleta overlooking the sea.

The façade of the building as well as each opening has been equipped with the highest quality systems from MUSKITA Aluminum Industries. MU800 Curtain Wall system contributes substantially to The Icon’s architectural style, as it has been installed on all the floors of the building, offering excellent versatility, adapting to any design requirement, as well as outstanding protection against extreme weather conditions.

System MU144.91 Lift & Slide, which has been installed throughout the building, is a top choice for the sliding systems because it offers outstanding performance ratings

in sound reduction, water tightness and air permeability as well as providing the highest energy efficiency. Similarly, the energy efficient hinged system MU2075, applied to the windows of the building, combines high energy performance, sound reduction, safety performance while at the same time providing modern aesthetics. Surrounding the project, MUSKITA glass railings help the gaze travel, evaporating the boundary between the building and the horizon.

With all its exclusive features and attention to detail, The Icon stands like a gem on the Limassol coastline, ready to reveal a new housing experience.

December 3, 2021