The advantages of Powder Coating Colours

When you’re deciding on a colour or finish for your aluminum systems, it’s natural to consider various options.

Anodizing, powder coating and sublimation all have their own unique advantages.

But which one should you choose? And why might you consider one over the other?

In this article you can find useful information about the benefits of powder coating finishes.

How the Powder Coating Process Works?

Powder coating is a process whereby the aluminium surface is uniformly covered by specialized powders that are cured to achieve a highly durable protective and decorative finish of any colour. Firstly, the metal is chemically cleaned and pretreated with titanium oxide which forms a molecular bond between the aluminium and the paint. Ultra-high voltage spray guns, electrostatically charge the powder particles with a positive load. The aluminium profiles are grounded and the charged powder cloud is automatically deposited on the metal just as a magnet attracts iron fillings, thus creating a uniform surface coating even on the most difficult and complex shapes. The aluminium profiles then go thought a curing oven where the powder melts to create a hard finish that is thicker, tougher and more durable than conventional paint.

Is Powder Coating Environmentally Friendly?

Powder coating is not like conventional paint as it does not use solvents or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). That means there’s no damage to the environment while it’s being sprayed unlike the wet paint.

How durable are powder coating finishes?

Our powder coating finishes are made with Superdurable Class 2 polymer technology. This ensures they meet and exceed the strictest industry requirements and standards of QUALICOAT Class 2 Superdurable powders, achieving durability three times that of Class 1 finishes. Their superior quality together with their excellent durability and resistance against weathering agents makes powder coating finishes ideal for projects with high performance requirements that last for decades.

Enter a multicoloured world

Powder coating can give you the widest range of colour options.

MUSKITA's Superdurable powder coating collection is composed of a range of specialty MU finishes created exclusively for MUSKITA together with standard RAL colours. The collection consists of a comprehensive palette of high quality soothing sophisticated shades, classic hues and earthy tones with smooth or sanded matt textures, offering a very broad range of colors for every style and need.


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March 10, 2020